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Emma wears embellished wool cardigan, nylon puffa jacket and studded belt. Charly, Marc, Andy and Xu wear suits, shirts, ties and glasses. All by GUCCI. A Renaissance beauty with a modern fantasy mood. For a diaphanous complexion: Gucci Face Satin Matte Foundation; the eyes aren’t lined but magically lit with Magnetic Shadow Mono, in Antique Gold. The lips, very dark, look almost venomous: Deep Matte Lipstick Neptune Blue, to match with the nail polish Bold High Gloss Lacquer Iconic Black. All by GUCCI. Photo Domen / Van de Velde. Fashion & Concept Sayuri Bloom. Make Up Yvonne Nusdorfer. Hair Sharmaine Cox. Models Emma Laird @ Models1, Charly Ignacio @ PRM, Marc Luloh @ PRM, Andy Nordin @ Supa, Xu Meen @ IMG. Beauty Editor Sandra Bardin.

The truth of art lies in its power to break the monopoly of established reality to de ne what is real.
Herbert Marcuse, An Essay on Liberation, 1969

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