Current Issue #9

Cover Collectible dry IssueIssue #9 Photographer Lina Tesch, Fashion Sayuri Bloom, Glam Sigi Kumpfmuller, Girl Katrin Thormann in Fendi

Katrin Thormann wears an embroidered silk dress by FENDI

Treat yourself by going out habillée de luxe but with a clean face, where only the light slipping through the features de nes the contours. With the naked beauty of a perfect skin. So the beauty maintenance of Skin Caviar Luxe Cream, the legendary La Prairie treatment cream with the mission to smooth, li and tone the skin, prolonging its youth and splendor. Now more than ever, thanks to Caviar Premier, the biotechnological innovation of the Swiss laboratories that enriches the exclusive Caviar Extract of the original formula with the new Caviar Mimetic, a newly accessible pool of integral substances: the whole forms a concentration of vitality with the extraordinary potential, a “super-caviar” with the magical restitutive energy leaving the skin compact, refreshed, radiant. Skin Caviar Luxe Cream, in the classic cobalt blue vase, is also in Sheer version; by day, for those who don’t want to give up a base, Essence-In-Foundation spf 25 / PA +++. All by La Prairie

Photography Lina Tesch. Fashion Sayuri Bloom. Make Up and Hair Sigi Kumpfmuller @ Kult Artists Hamburg. Model Katrin ormann @ Women Management Milan. Casting Ma ia Marazzi @ CM Casting

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