FiLA Ss 2019 MFW

Video show and backstage Milan Fashion Week

A blast from the (sporty) past. Inspired by and working on the archives of the Biellese brand, Antonino Ingrasciotta and Joseph Graesel, creative directors, have taken over the iconic work and prints, mixing the sportswear look with the prêt-à-porter fashion.

Dresses in transparent pvc, funny-pack with rigid shapes, pleated skirts like the tennis ones in shades of red and blue, the two immediately recognizable brand colors. Then the total-white look of the runway brings us back to the time in which tennis players were forbidden to wear other colors.

With this collection, FILA makes a use of materials and silhouettes that satisfies every man and woman, passing from jumpsuit to oversized sweatshirts worn as minidresses.

Fashion editor @francesco_vavallo
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