MiMoto rode us around Milan during design week!!

But what is MiMoto? MiMoto is an innovative startup that has implemented the first electric scooter sharing service and 100% Made in Italy in Milan. Its mission is to revolutionize the concept of urban mobility through two main levers: environment and sharing.  The project was born from the idea of ​​three young entrepreneurs: Alessandro Vincenti, Gianluca Iorio and Vittorio Muratore while they were studying in Milan. They wanted to create an useful  and eco-friendly service to the cities that welcomed and hosted their scooters. MiMoto is born in the Milanese universities for students, but it can work for everyone: residents, commuters and tourists. At the moment Milan is only city where you can find MiMoto, but the plan is to extend the service in Italy and abroad.

We had a lot of fun with MiMoto!  Download the App, jump on a scooter and GOOO!

MiMoto esharing Milano
MiMoto esharing Milano
MiMoto esharing Milano
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