Albert Kriemler is the designer and creative mind behind Akris, a swiss family-owned fashion house. The iconic Ai bag, born in 2010, when Albert launched the first handbag collection of the maison, is made of rarefied and animal-friendly Mongolian horsehair and have a trapezoidal shape to resemble the “A”: the letter signature of the house.  For his runway collection,  Albert loves to collaborate with contemporary artist like Thomas Ruff (FW 14/15), Carmen Herrera (SS 17) and Rodney Graham (FW 17/18) as well as  architects like Sou Fujimoto (SS 16), trying to translate their aesthetic world and into fashion products that can be worn or carried.

“On my first visit to the new Whitney Museum in New York, I saw a painting I could not takemy eyes of. It was „Blanco y Verde“, from 1959, an off-white plane with a green arrow-shaped triangle, by Carmen Herrera, born in 1915 and living in New York. Her sense of color and proportion, a blend of euphoria and perfect order, stunned me.”  Albert said in 2015 and then in May 31 2016 on Carmen Herrera birthday they met. They spoke about their work and he managed to have her approval to design his next collection drawing inspiration of her paintings.

So the first Akris défilé in New York in September 9 2016 is dedicated to the work of Carment Herrera.